I'm glad to be part of the metal detecting community - we share in our successes, and sometimes in our frustrations, via social channels including Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and more.

On this page, I will highlight some of the things my channel does to participate in our metal detecting community, including livestreams, giveaways, games and more. Be sure to check back often as I add more resources to this page.


Below are some links to some of my favorite detectorists... you can check them out on YouTube or join us on a Facebook group (if you comment on their videos, be sure to let them know that Diggun sent you over!). Since folks seem to be upgrading to new detectors all the time, I'm no longer tracking who is swinging what but it is helpful to watch different detectorists if you're researching the best metal detector to buy, or if you would like to know what VDI numbers correspond with finds for your metal detector.

Adventure Archaeology

Copper Heads

The Copper Poppers

Canadian Relic Hunters

Down South Detecting  Zach covers Kansas and neighboring states in the Midwest.

Finding America Minelab

Green Mountain Metal Detecting - Excellent photography of the scenery as he hikes the back country of Vermont in search of old cellar holes.

History Seekers -  Heath Jones and Scott Duncan

Hoover Boys - these guys do a lot of old farm fields, Civil War era so if you like seeing old coppers and GW buttons coming out of the ground, check them out!

Las Vegas Urban Treasure Hunter

Maine Relic Hunters

PlugMaster Ford 

Quarter Hoarder  Minelab

Stealth Diggers

Stef Digs