Recommended Tools For Metal Detecting

To get started metal detecting, at a minimum you will need to have a metal detector, a small shovel, and a pinpointer. It also helps to have a dig bag or pouch so you can carry your treasures and your trash around til you get back to your vehicle. Remember that your behavior reflects on all of us in the metal detecting community, so be sure to treat each permission with respect, bury your holes (leaving no trace) and take away the trash!

Metal Detectors

Update: As of 2/22 I have ordered the new Nokta Makro Legend and look forward to receiving it this spring and putting it through its paces. I will be going head to head with the Legend against the ATmax ans see how both measure up.

My partner and I both use Garrett products, although I have friends who are quite happy with other brands including Minelab, XP Deus and Anfibio. I started out detecting in 2017 using a White's Spectrum IV which is an older model, a mid range detector with target ID and iron discrimination. My partner and I were sharing that one machine (which didn't work at all for me!), so I ended up buying an ATMax which was pretty much top of the line back then.  We ended up buying a second ATMax the following year for my husband, as he was convinced that it was because of my machine that I was finding more silver than he was!

Garrett still sells the ATMax, which is a solid machine choice. I have mine decked out with a small coil for better trash site discrimination, while my partner runs the standard coil.

From, here is a list of some of the top rated metal detectors for 2021, categorized by the type of detecting you're planning to do.  Also check out my Community page, for popular YouTube detectorists and the machines they run

You can purchase your detector from any authorized dealer, or you can order it on Amazon. The links below all go to Amazon, but I would recommend getting in touch with a real person before you buy, just to make sure you're getting what you need and at the best price.  I have also purchased detectors and equipment from eBay, although I would still recommend going direct to a reputable dealer.

Give Jeff Ford (Plugmaster Ford) a holler if you want to pick his brain, he can also give you a discount code to purchase your detector from KellyCo, or you can get a hold of Bart at Big Boy Hobbies - tell him I sent you and he'll treat you right.

Depending on your budget, here are some other detectors which you may want to check out:


Garrett 300


Garrett 400 Bundle



Garrett Apex Bundle





Lesch Shovels

My favorite Lesche shovel is the 31" T Handle. It's been sold out on Amazon for months, but you still may be able to get one following one of the links below:



Spear Head Spade


Hand Shovels

Knee Pads


Hand Spade/ Accessories Bundle

Dig Bags:


If Metal Detecting on the Beach, also get a Sand Scoop

Magnet Fishing

Additional links to purchase metal detecting tools