Big Fat Giveaway


Big Fat Giveaway is Sunday October 2 from 6PM - 9 PM Central Time. 

Thank you to all of our subscribers who helped us along the way! Join us for our Big Fat Giveaway with soooo many prizes you just gotta check it out in person!

We will start out the night with races for entries on to the Big Fat Giveaway Wheel, and then our contestants will race for position to see who gets to spin the wheel first. We will give out as many prizes tonight as time will allow, and then the remaining contestants will roll over to next weekend's Big Fat Bash Part 2, where they will race again for position on the wheel!


1. Keywords: 6 prizes available if you post the six magic keywords in the comment section of any livestream or episode in August or September.
2. SCAVENGER HUNT 3 prize wheel spins available for completing the scavenger hunt




3. SNAIL RACES: Join us for long, slow and slimy pop up snail races and other opportunities to win a prize wheel spin in advance of the big day. Click here for a list of the wheel spin winners.


Keyword Prizes:
V nickel
silver walking liberty
silver .999 1/4 oz liberty round
silver .999 1/4 oz buffalo nickel round
copper morgan
copper alligator

Giveaways will be posted here in the order they are announced. Check back here for additional prizes to be posted as this giveaway progresses.

Beginning Friday, August 12th - don't miss out!



1. Must be publicly subscribed to our channel and you must like and comment on at least one of our announcement videos in order to be eligible to win.  Winners will be selected via random spin and/or live stream duck race, depending on the prize. 

2. Random opportunities to enter for prizes will be posted on our videos during the month of August 2022. Comment entries are valid on all videos and shorts posted before 10/1/22. All comment entries on old videos and shorts will be closed on Sept 30 at midnight CDT to allow time to gather and validate contest entries. The random prizes will be posted with each comment challenge and will be summarized above as the prizes are announced. 

3. We will be offering some additional opportunities for Big Fat Giveaway entries in our livestreams and on other people's livestreams as well, so keep an eye out for that.

4. The scavenger hunt and duck race prizes will be awarded at our BIG FAT BASH on Sunday October 2.  All winners will be placed into a final race for position to determine who gets to spin the wheel 1st, 2nd, 3rd etc.

5. While you do not need to be present to win on October 2nd, you do need to claim your prize within 24 hours of the Big Fat Bash live feed. To claim your prize, email your name, address and phone number to [email protected], and then you will be given instructions to validate your winnings.

6. All users who comment on any full length video in August will be given an entry to a special duck race on October 2nd.  The winner and the loser of that duck race will get a spin on the Big Fat Prize Wheel.

THE FINE PRINT: This contest is not sponsored in anyway by YouTube.  I (Diggun) am solely responsible for validating entries and sending prizes. Mailed prizes will only be sent to the USA and Canada; if a winner is located outside of those two countries, they will be given the opportunity to have the prize mailed to a friend or family member in the USA or Canada, or they may pay for international shipping, or they may choose to receive an equivalent value prize in Amazon e-gift card or PayPal payment.