Metal Detector Dealers and Discount Affiliates:

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Big Boy Hobbies, Norman OK
Bart Davis, owner
phone: 405-206-9010 Email: [email protected]

Ordered from Bart a few times, he is a straight-up guy and I recommend giving him a whirl.

Plugmaster Ford (affiliated with KellyCo), Seymour, MO
Jeff Ford PO Box 335 Seymour, MO 65746 email: [email protected]
Quarter Hoarder is also affiliated with KellyCo, so if you prefer you can contact him for recommendations and a purchasing link. KellyCo is a solid dealer - I have purchased from them in the past and they do have specials so be sure to subscribe to their mailing list.

Metal Detecting Stuff
These guys carry several brands and also accessories, including coils, for those brands. I have ordered accessories from them and they are A-OK. They specialize in used machines and rentals in the greater Houston area.

Note that I did have an issue with one of the items I ordered - the company was quick to respond and issued me a full refund for the defective item. That's A+ customer service!


I don't have any experience with the following dealers, but you may want to give them a try. I've heard good things.

High Plains Prospectors



Treasure Mountain Metal Detectors
I'm actually a little irritated that they don't show their location anywhere on their website, but their WHOIS info says they are in Tennessee.  I kind of thought they were in NC or GA...  Update: I checked their website on 3/1/2022 and they do NOT have the Nokta-Makro Legend available to order.  Are they too busy fulfilling backorders of the Legend or are they just not offering it?
Heath Jones - Sales Manager
Phone # (256) 463-9308 | Email - [email protected]

The Metal Detecting Shop
504 Bowie St, Forney, TX 75126


I can no longer recommend the following dealers, but am sharing my experience with them for the benefit of others considering a purchase.

Detector Electronics, Greater Boston Area, Massachusetts
Run by a pair of brothers, they have a brick and mortar store in Southborough Massachusetts which is unfortunately closed right now due to COVID19, but they are open for business, can help you out with any questions over live chat, and are shipping detectors daily from their warehouse. Check them out at and if you speak with Daniel, say hi for me :)

Update: I ordered the Nokta-Makro Legend from their website on February 15th - this was a pre-order so I'm not expecting it immediately. I did get an email from customer service at the end of February confirming that the units are on their way and are waiting to clear customs. Excited!!

Update #2: Apparently the CS representative failed to check my order before promising a unit from that initial shipment. Because I ordered the ProPack, my order was NOT fulfilled with the original batch, and as of today, 3/14/2022, I am still waiting for some kind of confirmation that my detector is on its way. Not too happy with this transaction at all at this point, but will give it another day or so to see what they have to say.

According to their website, the item bills when shipped. Well I was charged for this on Friday 3/11/22 and I still have not received a shipment confirmation or tracking number.

Update #3:  I finally did get an order tracking number indicating that a shipment label was created, the day after I wrote to customer support again to ask why my card had been charged but I didn't get a shipment notification. The actual shipment appears to have gone out the following day and I have an estimate from UPS that I will receive my Legend, finally, next Monday.

I then got an email from Daniel stating that they only got the items in on Monday and started shipping them on Tuesday this week. Interesting since one of my buddies got their today (Wednesday) from the same company via UPS.

Something does NOT add up. This is my first experience ordering from this company and as of right now, this will be my last.