Nokta Makro Legend Target ID

Target ID range for the Nokta Makro Legend is 1-60, with ferrous targets in the range of 1-10 and non-ferrous targets in the range of 11-60. This means that the Legend will product different target ID numbers that were on the Nokra Makro Simplex chart and also will be different from the Garrett VDIs which range from 1-100.  I'm wondering if this means that the target IDs will be similar for the Legend as for the Nox, I am still looking for information on what this means.

From the manual:

" The LEGEND's Target ID scale consists of 60 lines, each of which represents 1 Target ID. In addition to showing the Target ID in the middle of the screen, the ID is also marked with a small cursor under the ID scale. Ferrous range is 1-10. Non-ferrous range is 11-60. In some cases, the device may produce multiple IDs for the same target. In other words, the IDs may be jumpy. This may result from several factors. Target orientation, depth, purity of the metal, corrosion, mineralization level of the soil etc. Even the direction of the search coil swing may cause the device to generate multiple IDs. In some cases, the device may fail to provide any ID. The device needs to receive a strong and a clear signal from the target in order to provide an ID. Therefore, it may not be able to provide an ID for targets at fringe depths or smaller targets even if the device detects them. Keep in mind that Target IDs are “probable”, in other words, estimated values and it would not be possible to know the properties of a buried object exactly until it is dug out. IDs of non-ferrous metals such as copper, silver, aluminum and lead are high.

Target ID range of gold is wide and may fall within the same range of metal wastes such as iron, foil, screw caps, and pull tabs. Therefore, if you are looking for gold targets, digging out some trash metals is expected. Coins searched throughout the world are made of different metals and in different sizes in different geographical locations and historical eras. Therefore, in order to learn the Target IDs of the coins in a specific zone, it is suggested to perform a test with the samples of such coins, if possible.

It may take some time and experience to make best use of the Target ID feature in your search area. Different brands and models of detectors produce different Target ID numbers."


Recovery Speed
When the Recovery Speed setting is set to a low number, the ability of the device to detect targets in close proximity decreases but its depth increases. Similarly, a high Recovery Speed setting (for example 10) will increase the ability of the device to detect targets in close proximity but will decrease the depth. It is recommended that you practice with different metals placed close to each other before starting to use this setting


 Operating Frequencies : Multi(2), 4kHz, 10kHz, 15kHz, 20kHz, 40kHz

Audio Frequencies : 100Hz - 1200Hz adjustable

Search Modes : 4 (Park/Field/Beach/Gold Field)

Custom User Profiles : 4

Audio Tones : 60

Tone Volume : Yes

Tone Break : Yes

Tone Frequency : Yes

Adjustable Threshold : Yes

Notch Filter : Yes

Ground Balance : Automatic / Manual / Tracking

Pinpoint : Yes

Frequency Shift : Yes

Noise Cancellation : Yes

Vibration : Yes

Sensitivity Setting : 30 levels

Target ID : 01-60

Search Coil : The LEGEND WHP: LG28 28cm (11") DD : The LEGEND Pro Pack: LG28 28cm (11") DD & LG15 15cm (6'')

DD Display : Custom LCD

Backlight : Yes

LED Flashlight :

Yes Weight : 1.4 kg (3.0lbs.) including the search coil

Length : 63cm - 132cm (25" - 52") adjustable

Battery : 5050mAh Lithium Polymer

Warranty : 3 years