Cleaning Your Finds

April 11th, 2021 ·

Cleaning your finds out in the field, or when you get home, can be a challenge. Depending on the type of metal you're working with, the method and materials you use for cleaning your finds will vary. Here are some basic tips:

Silver - clean with water only, or a mild soapy water blend. Best thing to do is to bring a squirt bottle with water or a mild water/soap blend with you out in the field, and whatever you do, resist the temptation to rub your coins!  I usually spritz them in the field, and then when I get home, rinse the coins under running water, easy peasy!

Copper - use a toothbrush or rub on your jeans, but don't use water as that can destroy the patina. Also, don't use vinegar, it will ruin the patina and devalue your coin in the process.

Nickel - brush in the field, wash with soap and water when you get home. For more extensive cleaning, check out Andre's Pencils - here's a link to purchase your own set of Andre's pencils from Amazon.


Andre's Pencils

How to clean your finds with Andre's Pencils 

Here's another video tutorial from Stef Digs