April 11th, 2021 ·

We live in South Dakota, which is not that old of a state, but we have managed to find several coins from around the turn of the century and older, including Indian head pennies, V nickels and even a seated dime!

Relic finds include a mechanical dollar from the 1900 presidential election, advertising thimbles, dog tags and more.  I have found two old bells, one was a cow bell and the other was an advertising bell from the bank in Mound City which has been gone for years.  Still looking for my first crotal bell!

Update 4/11/21: My oldest find so far has been a 1864 Indian Head Penny, found in April 2021 underneath some lilac bushes.  Before that, I had a seated dime which was so old the date was almost undiscernable, but my best guess for that coin was 1872.  It was found in a coin spill that included a Morgan dollar and a Walking Liberty half - I found the dime first but had to rescan the hole (twice!) since the signal was much higher than you would get from a thin dime.

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